Five on Friday

I’ve been on the search for some new jeans for a while now. I love Old Navy’s jeans so much but they’re super skinny and they tend to be really right around my ankles. I’m totally out of that “I want my jeans to be super tight and fitted” stage in life, I like a jean that’s still skinny but not super skinny if you get what I’m trying to say. I got a pair of Mavi Jeans in my stitch fix one month and I LOVED THEM! They fit sooo perfect, BUT they’re super pricey, and with us purchasing a new home I really want to buy new furniture for it which means this girl can’t buy $150.00 jeans anymore. I’ve been searching and searching and finally found the perfect pair of jeans at Kohl’s of all places. They’re these Lauren Conrad Skinny Jeans. They fit just like my Mavi jeans AND they’re affordable, especially if you have some Kohl’s cash to spend. I might have bought three pairs this week..

Mike and I have really been trying to eat healthy this week. Hopefully we can continue to eat healthy, but man it’s so hard! I’m telling you I get cravings for cake, coffee ice cream, and chips every. single. day. I wanted to try the Whole30 but it’s so strict and I’ve heard some negative things about it, apparently it can be really dangerous for the body. So, we’re sticking to mainly whole, clean food choices Be on the lookout for some new recipes soon!


My little brothers start school Monday and I seriously don’t know where summer went! It went by soo fast and I cannot believe it’s over! Zachary, the 17 year old, starts his senior year Monday!! I’m in disbelief that he is a senior. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was pushing him around in my baby doll stroller?? Zachary is so creative, he really has talent when it comes to drawing, photography, and anything that has to do with digital design on the computer. Carson, who’s 11, is starting middle school! I’m soo proud of him, he worked so hard to get into the AG program and he did it! He did math counts last year and he loves participating in Robotics. He will probably be the doctor or lawyer in the family, he’s so smart, and I promise I’m not just saying that because he’s my little brother. Grayson is 9, and he is going into third grade! The big testing year. I know he will do great. I can’t wait to see where life takes these three boys this school year!

IMG_1739 IMG_1960
To the left is Carson and I when he was not even a year old! To the right is all four of us five years ago.

I have puppy fever… Bad. Real bad. We have Susie and I love her sooo much but I want another dog! I’m telling you, if mike would allow it I would be that crazy lady who has 5+ dogs. I want a smaller dog that can sit on my lap and not break my legs. Susie weighs 50 lbs, so she’s definitely not the ideal lap dog (even though she thinks she is). I’ve been researching dog breeds and my favorite so far is a dachshund. I want either a minitaure short hair red coat, or a long haired English Cream. I’m so obsessed. At night all I do is read about them to make sure I want one and look up Pinterest pictures of them. Y’all- I even have the dog named. Mike and I talked and we agreed that next spring would be the ideal time for me to get a dog, it won’t be too hot or cold, and we will be settled in our home. We want to get a fence installed in our back yard so Susie (and future pup) will have plenty of room to run and play.

Puppy Love (And Puppy Training Woes) | Kelly in the City:   VS   But I like what I see so far.:

I mean look at those sweet faces. I love them so much!!
I wonder if Mike would let me get both?? HA.

Speaking of the new house.. We move in TWO WEEKS and I have three boxes packed… Three. I don’t think Mike has packed any of his things. We are pitiful y’all. Our last buyers backed out the week before we were supposed to close, and we have to sell our house in order to buy the new one. We ended up having to find new buyers and start the process all over again. Luckily, the people who currently own the house we were planning on purchasing agreed to extend the contract we had with them until the new buyers closing date. With that being said, I don’t think it’s hit me yet that we’re actually moving in two weeks. I’m prepared for the worst and I keep thinking the same thing that happened with the last buyers is going to happen again so I haven’t packed a thing.. Probably not the brightest idea I’ve ever had. I will be out of town this weekend so next weekend is literally our last weekend to get everything packed up. We have to be out on the 8th because we close on the 9th, and with us working all week it’s hard to pack during the weekdays. We’ll probably get mostly everything packed next weekend. Wish us luck!


Happy Friday Y’all! This week has flown by! I’m linking up with April over at A.Liz Adventures this Friday, I hope you enjoyed!

Our Wedding | The Girls

 photo 59a55ce2-f9db-499c-8c02-3d16422d96ad_zpss2mxudye.jpg

I used to always see this girls picture on my bff, Tipper’s, binder at school and I was always wondering who she was. One day I asked Tipper and told me it was her cousin, Callie. Callie went to a different middle school than we did, but her seventh grade year she transferred to the middle school Tipper and I were at. We all hung out a couple of times. We jumped on the trampoline and edited our MySpace’s. After that, the three of us were inseparable. Callie and I got super close and we’ve been friends ever since. 10 years and counting. Callie and Tipper thew me a lingerie shower and the decorated the condo we stayed in for the bachelorette party beautifully! Thanks for everything, Callie!

 photo b3561ebe-49ef-4946-b3c9-91e58ca72751_zps75o8vksa.jpgMeade-210

This girl right here is my very best friend. No matter what happens in our lives, good or bad, we are always there for each other. Tipper and I met when we were eleven years old at our middle school. I literally remember it like it was yesterday. We were in the same Home Economics class where we were sat at the same table. We got partnered up together and the rest is history. We’ve been friends ever since. 11 years and counting. Throughout the wedding planning process Tipper was always right there. She was constantly asking me what all she could do to help me. She came over and helped me package/address all of my wedding invitations, she and Callie wrote the best speech in the world, and she was not only there to listen to me talk about absolutely anything I needed during the process, but she also cried when I cried, laughed when I laughed and, overall, she was happy for Mike and I. That’s what meant the most. I look forward to many more years of friendship with you, Tipper!

 photo dfd58743-987d-47a9-88b3-9d6afbe7dcf7_zpsmhi7iyxc.jpg


Ashley is married to Tyler, one of Mikes best friends. Tyler actually went with Mike to pick out my engagement ring! I remember the first time Mike mentioned him and I going out with Tyler and Ashley. I immediately searched her on Facebook and thanked the Lord that she looked normal. Ashley and I are a lot alike, we have the same interests, tastes and apparently we look alike because we get asked if we’re sisters all the time. We get along so well and I’m so thankful for her. It’s so nice having a friend that’s married like I am because I can text her anytime to talk about married life, and since she and Tyler have been married six years she has all kinds of great advice to give me. Thanks for choosing to stand by my side Ashley, I appreciate you more than you know!

 photo 500d3b8d-3a35-4cc8-a660-c4a42bf42605_zpspawemwlg.jpg

Erika and I have been friends since we were probably 6o r 7 years old. Her and her family lived across the street from my Grandmother. My Nanny had horses and Erika, her sister and Mom would come feed them snacks in the evenings and eventually we all starting riding horses together. We carpooled to school all through middle school up until we were able to drive ourselves, we were literally together all the time. Erika and her whole entire family mean the world to me. They have done so much for me over the years and I will never be able to show how much I appreciate them. Even though Erika is in college at a University and we don’t spend time together like we used to, I know I could call on her for anything and she would be there for me without hesitation. I was honored to have such a great lifelong friend to stand by my side on such a special day. You’re the best, Erika. Thanks for being such an amazing friend.

 photo 7204bbe9-8ccc-4a20-aea7-2687b1479d60_zpsd9v2lqpl.jpg

Since Ally is my cousin, we’ve known each other literally since Ally was born. I love her so much and I’m so proud of the beautiful woman she has become. We always did Christmas at our Grandpa and Nanny’s house, and I can still remember begging our parents to let us open our gifts. We sat in the living room and made forts out of our presents and sat in our forts until they told us we could start opening presents. We have so many sweet memories together, I will always cherish those memories we have. Family is so important to me, and I’m thankful you chose to stand by my side on such a special day, Ally. It wouldn’t have been the same without you there with me. Love you!

 photo e58b31ec-4dfd-4b7c-8a7b-755422dc8620_zpspztjobuz.jpg

These precious little ones were my amazing flower girls. The one on the left is Heidi, and the one on the right is Harley. They’re our nieces (Mikes brother, Joe’s daughters). They were the best flower girls in the world. They listened so good and they did everything they were supposed to on the wedding day. I couldn’t have asked for better flower girls.
PS. I got their flower crowns here.

Our Wedding | Getting Ready

While we were getting ready I think I felt every emotion there is. I was SO happy the big day was finally here, I was more than ready to be married to the man of my dreams. I was excited but also sort of sad because I was leaving my parents and I knew things would never be the same from that day on.

Mike and I wrote each other letters to give to each other before the ceremony because we chose not to see each other until I was walking down the isle. I wrote mine while everyone was getting ready, looking back I would have definitely wrote it the night before we got married. I was feeling so many emotions the day of, and there was so much going on around me I couldn’t really sit there and think clearly about exactly what I wanted to say. Mike has a great sense of humor, so his letter made me laugh. I know he  knew I’m a crier by nature, and he knew if I cried I’d definitely mess up my perfectly done makeup, so he chose to write something funny (but so sweet at the same time.) I love that man.

My mom wrote a letter to me. Let’s just say I couldn’t get through half of it without seriously boo-hooing. Even though I didn’t read it out loud, everyone else in the room cried too. That day I felt so much love and support from everyone surrounding me. I truly have the most amazing family and friends.

Looking out the window while getting ready I was so relieved the sun was shining. Since we had an outside wedding I really wanted it to be nice outside. We had a tent for backup just in case it rained and I’m soo thankful we did that. It rained for about 30 minutes right before our ceremony. It stopped, got beautiful just in time for the ceremony. If we wouldn’t have had the tent, the chairs set up outside would have gotten soaked. Me, Mike and our wedding party were about pictures after the ceremony outside, and then the rain started again. It was a downpour while we ate, which was O.K because we ate inside. It cleared up again in time for the reception and it stayed beautiful.
They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Everything turned out beautifully. We are blessed.













Meade-279  Meade-166  Meade-286  Meade-185







Wedding venue: The Mosteller Mansion
Wedding planner/florist: Tara Bland
Photographer: KRJ Photography, LLC
Makeup: Amber Houston at Strandz Salon and Spa
Hair: Rhonda Mabe at Headlines Salon
Getting ready Robes: The Fancy Pigeon on Etsy
Bridesmaids Dresses: The Formal Showcase
Groomsmen attire: Jos. A. Bank

Function of Beauty | Review

Being a hairdresser I hear all the time “what shampoo should I use for my hair type?” and right off the top of my head I can name a ton, but that doesn’t mean those shampoos are going to be tailor made to that specific clients head. I didn’t know there was a company out there that made shampoos and conditioners specifically for one persons hair type, until now.

Function of Beauty makes you take a “Hair quiz” and they use the information from that quiz to formulate shampoo and conditioner just for you. You get to choose what scent you want for the shampoo/conditioner AND you get to pick what colors you want! The best part? The bottles will actually have your name on it. How awesome is that? I’m obsessed.

IMG_4867 copy

When I opened the box the first thing I noticed was the packaging. It’s beautiful! I’m a sucker for some good packaging. I’m in love with the smell too. I got the essential oil scent, but I think next time I’ll try cucumber mint. I have an extremely oily scalp. After a long day I can usually see the oil at my scalp. This shampoo keeps my hair soft and shiny, but at the same time my hair doesn’t get oily by the end of the day. I can go two (sometimes three) days without washing my hair now and, for me, that’s seriously a breakthrough.

I love this product because it’s sulfate free. If you’re not familiar with what sulfates are, in short, they are a cleansing detergent that removes all oils, buildup and moisture from the hair. This sounds like it would be a good thing, but you don’t want to strip your hair too much of moisture and natural oils because the hair will eventually become too brittle and break off. Sulfate free shampoos and conditioners also help you retain your hair color. This product is also free of parabens, phthalates, GMO’s, and triclosan. They do not test on animals which is so important in my opinion.

One complaint I’ve read from other bloggers is that they have to use a ton of product to get it to make suds in their hair. I know that this product is very concentrated because it doesn’t have any of the unnatural gunk in it that most shampoos have. This means you have to mix a little bit of water in with your shampoo while it’s in your hand to give it some suds. It doesn’t mean it’s not cleansing your hair, it’s simply just a great, natural product that you probably aren’t used to.

I bet you thought a product as amazing as this is super expensive, right? WRONG. A 8oz set of both is $26.00 and the 16oz set is $38.00. If you’re familiar with how much salon brand products are, you know this is a great price for shampoo and conditioner. PLUS Function of Beauty has been nice enough to give me a link for all you readers to get $5.00 off your order, you can get that offer here. You’ll see your discount at checkout.

 Overall, I think this product is great. If you try Function of Beauty be sure to let me know what you think!

IMG_4873 (1)