Wedding Registry Guide and Checklist

After Mike and I got engaged one of the first things I thought about was what I was going to put on our wedding registry. We chose not to live together before we got married so we didn’t have anything we needed, especially when it came to things for our kitchen. I’m not going to lie, creating a registry was overwhelming and quite stressful at times. At first, it seems like it’s going to be loads of fun, who doesn’t want to walk around a store scanning things for people to buy you? It may have been more fun if I were scanning shoes or dresses, but no, I was scanning kitchen supplies… Booring

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Office / Beauty Room Inspiration

It’s always been my dream to have a home office/beauty room area. I would love to have a room that I can do whatever I want with without worrying about it being too “girly” for Mike. It’s my dream to have one room in the house that’s totally mine. We have two spare bedrooms in our home that are filled with boxes that we haven’t unpacked yet, so my plan is to take one of those and turn it into my own little space.

I always sit on the counter and put my feet in the sink while I get ready (weird, I know) and Mike can’t stand it! He actually said, “I can’t wait until you have somewhere you can sit and do your makeup other than the bathroom sink”. I’m not going to lie, I am a little messy in the bathroom, I can’t help it I don’t always have time to clean up after myself! I think Mike will be excited when I get this room finished, too.

The first things I plan on buying are two desks, and a 21.5″ Apple iMac. When it comes to desks, I really like the X-base and high gloss look. I found THIS office desk that would be perfect for my workspace, and I’m on the hunt for a smaller, but similar looking desk for my vanity area. I know I want a plain acrylic chair for the vanity desk and a nice side chair for my work desk. I’m really struggling with what chair I want for my desk. If yall have any ideas let me know!

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My everyday hair style | curls

I am trying really hard to grow my hair out, and it’s in that super weird mid-length stage. It makes me feel like I don’t really have a “style”, especially when it is straight, which is why I typically curl it! My hair is also super limp and thin, so I feel like curling it gives it more volume,  and of course I love that. Curling it is fast, simple, and easy. That’s exactly how I like to do things!

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Our Wedding | The Reception

Aside from marrying my best friend, our reception was my favorite part of our wedding day. The serious, important stuff was done and we could celebrate being MARRIED with our friends and family! The nerves from the ceremony were gone; I felt like I could finally sit back, relax, and take everything in.

Right after the ceremony, our guests enjoyed a cocktail hour. We made sure our cocktail was short and sweet because we wanted to get to the good part, the food!

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