Farmhouse Decor Inspiration: Living Room

We have lived in our home or about four months now, and our house is nowhere near being decorated the way I want it. I know everything takes time, so I have decided to take on one room at a time. I thought the living room would be a good place to start because that is we spend most of our time. When I was younger I always thought I would want a bright, modern looking home. Now that I’m a homeowner I’m the total opposite. I want my house to feel warm, cozy and homey. I feel like rustic, “farmhouse” looking decor gives that vibe, so that’s what I’m going for in our living room!

First comes paint color. Right now the walls are white which is pretty, but it’s just kind of “blah.” I personally think paint makes the biggest difference in a room. I went back and forth between “Krypton,” and “Silvermist” for a while and I finally settled on “Krypton.” So far we’re loving it!


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Bridal Portraits + Portrait Tips

Let me start by saying I ended up getting bridal portraits twice. There were two reasons for this, number one being I wanted pictures in the church I went to when I was younger even though we chose not to get married there. That church is very special to my heart, the people who gather in that church every Sunday helped shape me into who I am today. I had to have portraits there. Reason number two is the fake butt. Yes, I got underwear with butt cushions. I don’t have a butt y’all, so I thought this was a fabulous idea. This grand idea of mine ended up being a disaster. It was so bad, it literally ruined the portraits. Here’s a tip for all of y’all: ditch the butt cushioned panties.  On a serious note, you don’t want to look like a totally different person on your wedding day, you want your body to look like it normally does.

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