Our Wedding | The Girls

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I used to always see this girls picture on my bff, Tipper’s, binder at school and I was always wondering who she was. One day I asked Tipper and told me it was her cousin, Callie. Callie went to a different middle school than we did, but her seventh grade year she transferred to the middle school Tipper and I were at. We all hung out a couple of times. We jumped on the trampoline and edited our MySpace’s. After that, the three of us were inseparable. Callie and I got super close and we’ve been friends ever since. 10 years and counting. Callie and Tipper thew me a lingerie shower and the decorated the condo we stayed in for the bachelorette party beautifully! Thanks for everything, Callie!

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This girl right here is my very best friend. No matter what happens in our lives, good or bad, we are always there for each other. Tipper and I met when we were eleven years old at our middle school. I literally remember it like it was yesterday. We were in the same Home Economics class where we were sat at the same table. We got partnered up together and the rest is history. We’ve been friends ever since. 11 years and counting. Throughout the wedding planning process Tipper was always right there. She was constantly asking me what all she could do to help me. She came over and helped me package/address all of my wedding invitations, she and Callie wrote the best speech in the world, and she was not only there to listen to me talk about absolutely anything I needed during the process, but she also cried when I cried, laughed when I laughed and, overall, she was happy for Mike and I. That’s what meant the most. I look forward to many more years of friendship with you, Tipper!

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Ashley is married to Tyler, one of Mikes best friends. Tyler actually went with Mike to pick out my engagement ring! I remember the first time Mike mentioned him and I going out with Tyler and Ashley. I immediately searched her on Facebook and thanked the Lord that she looked normal. Ashley and I are a lot alike, we have the same interests, tastes and apparently we look alike because we get asked if we’re sisters all the time. We get along so well and I’m so thankful for her. It’s so nice having a friend that’s married like I am because I can text her anytime to talk about married life, and since she and Tyler have been married six years she has all kinds of great advice to give me. Thanks for choosing to stand by my side Ashley, I appreciate you more than you know!

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Erika and I have been friends since we were probably 6o r 7 years old. Her and her family lived across the street from my Grandmother. My Nanny had horses and Erika, her sister and Mom would come feed them snacks in the evenings and eventually we all starting riding horses together. We carpooled to school all through middle school up until we were able to drive ourselves, we were literally together all the time. Erika and her whole entire family mean the world to me. They have done so much for me over the years and I will never be able to show how much I appreciate them. Even though Erika is in college at a University and we don’t spend time together like we used to, I know I could call on her for anything and she would be there for me without hesitation. I was honored to have such a great lifelong friend to stand by my side on such a special day. You’re the best, Erika. Thanks for being such an amazing friend.

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Since Ally is my cousin, we’ve known each other literally since Ally was born. I love her so much and I’m so proud of the beautiful woman she has become. We always did Christmas at our Grandpa and Nanny’s house, and I can still remember begging our parents to let us open our gifts. We sat in the living room and made forts out of our presents and sat in our forts until they told us we could start opening presents. We have so many sweet memories together, I will always cherish those memories we have. Family is so important to me, and I’m thankful you chose to stand by my side on such a special day, Ally. It wouldn’t have been the same without you there with me. Love you!

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These precious little ones were my amazing flower girls. The one on the left is Heidi, and the one on the right is Harley. They’re our nieces (Mikes brother, Joe’s daughters). They were the best flower girls in the world. They listened so good and they did everything they were supposed to on the wedding day. I couldn’t have asked for better flower girls.
PS. I got their flower crowns here.

Our Wedding | Getting Ready

While we were getting ready I think I felt every emotion there is. I was SO happy the big day was finally here, I was more than ready to be married to the man of my dreams. I was excited but also sort of sad because I was leaving my parents and I knew things would never be the same from that day on.

Mike and I wrote each other letters to give to each other before the ceremony because we chose not to see each other until I was walking down the isle. I wrote mine while everyone was getting ready, looking back I would have definitely wrote it the night before we got married. I was feeling so many emotions the day of, and there was so much going on around me I couldn’t really sit there and think clearly about exactly what I wanted to say. Mike has a great sense of humor, so his letter made me laugh. I know he  knew I’m a crier by nature, and he knew if I cried I’d definitely mess up my perfectly done makeup, so he chose to write something funny (but so sweet at the same time.) I love that man.

My mom wrote a letter to me. Let’s just say I couldn’t get through half of it without seriously boo-hooing. Even though I didn’t read it out loud, everyone else in the room cried too. That day I felt so much love and support from everyone surrounding me. I truly have the most amazing family and friends.

Looking out the window while getting ready I was so relieved the sun was shining. Since we had an outside wedding I really wanted it to be nice outside. We had a tent for backup just in case it rained and I’m soo thankful we did that. It rained for about 30 minutes right before our ceremony. It stopped, got beautiful just in time for the ceremony. If we wouldn’t have had the tent, the chairs set up outside would have gotten soaked. Me, Mike and our wedding party were about pictures after the ceremony outside, and then the rain started again. It was a downpour while we ate, which was O.K because we ate inside. It cleared up again in time for the reception and it stayed beautiful.
They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Everything turned out beautifully. We are blessed.













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Wedding venue: The Mosteller Mansion
Wedding planner/florist: Tara Bland
Photographer: KRJ Photography, LLC
Makeup: Amber Houston at Strandz Salon and Spa
Hair: Rhonda Mabe at Headlines Salon
Getting ready Robes: The Fancy Pigeon on Etsy
Bridesmaids Dresses: The Formal Showcase
Groomsmen attire: Jos. A. Bank

The Engagement

On August first 2015, we were enjoying a family vacation at the beach like we do every August. My mom is a total picture guru and we always take family pictures at least once while we are there. It was just a regular thing for us, so I didn’t suspect anything when we all got ready to go out and take pictures one evening before we went to dinner.

After a few pictures I was over it. All I wanted was some food. I walked away, and started to walk back inside when I heard “Meghan wait,” so I turned back around and saw Mike on his knee. I honestly thought Mike wanted me to sit on his knee for another picture so I responded with “get up, I don’t want to take any more pictures.” Then Mike went into his speech and asked me to marry him. I was SO SHOCKED. I was at a loss for words. All I could say was “is this really happening” and “yes.”

My dad asked Mike if he could be there when Mike proposed to me. I respect Mike so much for agreeing, and actually having the nerve to do it in front of not only my Dad, but my Mom and my brothers too. Looking back, I’ll always be thankful my family was there to witness such an amazing, important day in our lives. I’m glad Mom was there take pictures so we will always have such amazing photos to look back on.

08/1/15 will be a date we will cherish and remember forever.

Pre-engagement picture
Mom & Dad during our “family pictures.”
This is obviously me saying “lets go now, I’m STARVING!”


I have my hand out there like YES PLEASE PUT IT ON MY FINGER!