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…watching… Gilmore Girls! People have raved about this show for years, but I never jumped on the bandwagon until now! I really love this show and I’m so glad I started watching it! 

…reading… “Unraveling Oliver.” I’m not sure about this one yet. It’s definitely a page turner but I’m not sure where the story is going just yet. I’m about halfway done, I’ll let y’all know what I think when I’m done with it!

…listening to…  Lots of podcasts! Mike and I have both become obsessed with them. They’re so interesting. Our favorite right now is Dave Ramsey. Do you listen to podcasts, and if so what are some of your favs? I’m always looking for new ones to listen to.

…wanting… Lots of home decor and fall/winter clothes! I just ordered some new jeans from Gap and I’m so excited about them! All my extra money has been going to home related items lately so it’s been hard to buy clothes BUT I don’t have any cute clothes for this coming fall/winter season so I’m going to have to slowly start buying clothes. It’s just so tempting to buy more decor right now because this is my favorite time of year to decorate! #priorities 

…looking forward to… Colder weather! I love everything about fall time and winter. Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving, Christmas, snow, homemade soup, and everything else that comes with fall?!

…enjoying… Reading again! I haven’t picked up a book in forever, and if you know me, you know I love a good book. I forgot how relaxing & elevating reading is. Any good book recommendations? I’m up for anything!

4 thoughts on “Currently | Vol I

  1. I’ve been getting into podcasts recently, too! Gretchen Rubin’s Happier Podcast is my favorite and I listen to it almost every morning. Also, Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain is the best book I’ve read this year. I didn’t realize until I finished it that it is based on real events in NC!

  2. I’m going to have to check that podcast out because I’m obsessed with them!!! I have heard of that book before, I looked it up and it looks sooo good and I love that it’s based on real events! I’ll have to read that one next.

    1. Can you believe I have never seen pretty woman???! I need to watch it! Gilmore girls is on my list of top TV shows as well!

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