How we saved 2,000 dollars in one month

 Mike and I saved two thousand dollars in one month, and we now have no more credit card debt! In the next 12 months we plan to have a rainy day fund of $1,000 dollars saved and to have Mike’s truck paid off. Then, all we will owe on is our home! After getting that credit card paid off, I can tell you there is no better feeling than making that last payment.

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Even though we saved a lot of money in the past month for our income, we don’t feel “deprived” of anything. We still do things we enjoy, just in a more frugal way. Today I’m going to share with you how exactly we did it, and how you can save money, too! 

  • We cut our grocery bill in half. I was spending $80.00+ on groceries each week. That is, until I started shopping at our local Aldi. Aldi has been such money saver for us. Everything is so much cheaper there and the quality is just as good. I now look in our pantry, see what we have, and base our meals around those food items rather than buying a ton of stuff each week. I also avoid buying things like bananas and bread right now because the two of us never eat it all and those things always go to waste. A typical weekly grocery bill for us is about $40.00 per week. 
  • We don’t eat out as much. And when we do eat out, we usually share a plate and drink water. Sometimes we will add an extra side if we don’t think just the meal itself will fill us up. At our favorite Mexican restaurant we can get out for $15.00 after tip and we leave stuffed. 
  • We didn’t give up our “me” money. We each get a whopping $40.00 to spend on whatever we want, no questions asked. It isn’t a lot, but it keeps us from going crazy. Mike and I personally feel like you have to have money just set aside for yourself or else you will go nuts from depriving yourself. We chose an amount that fit in our budget, for you it may only be $20.00, and that’s ok. 
  • Remember you don’t have to keep up with the Joneses. We all know the Joneses. They’re the people who have it all. The nice cars, the beautiful home, and the seemingly perfectly life. Majority of the Joneses live way above their means, don’t let them fool you. While some people are OK with having a $475.00 car payment (the American average) each month for the rest of their life, I am not. *SIDE NOTE: Did you know if you invested that much per month you could easily have over $100,000 in ten years. Get that car paid off now so you can have $100,000 later! 

If you are in large amounts of debt and you don’t know where to begin, you need to pick up Dave Ramsey’s book, “Total Money Makeover.” This book changed our lives. I know that sounds dramatic, but it dramatically changed our outlook on finances and our money. As Dave says, we are going to live like no one else now so we can live like no one else later. I’ll take my Honda Accord, my ugly black tile in my home, and my outdated countertop over being in debt any day. 

If you have any other ways you and your family save money please share! 

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