The Engagement

On August first 2015, we were enjoying a family vacation at the beach like we do every August. My mom is a total picture guru and we always take family pictures at least once while we are there. It was just a regular thing for us, so I didn’t suspect anything when we all got ready to go out and take pictures one evening before we went to dinner.

After a few pictures I was over it. All I wanted was some food. I walked away, and started to walk back inside when I heard “Meghan wait,” so I turned back around and saw Mike on his knee. I honestly thought Mike wanted me to sit on his knee for another picture so I responded with “get up, I don’t want to take any more pictures.” Then Mike went into his speech and asked me to marry him. I was SO SHOCKED. I was at a loss for words. All I could say was “is this really happening” and “yes.”

My dad asked Mike if he could be there when Mike proposed to me. I respect Mike so much for agreeing, and actually having the nerve to do it in front of not only my Dad, but my Mom and my brothers too. Looking back, I’ll always be thankful my family was there to witness such an amazing, important day in our lives. I’m glad Mom was there take pictures so we will always have such amazing photos to look back on.

08/1/15 will be a date we will cherish and remember forever.

Pre-engagement picture
Mom & Dad during our “family pictures.”
This is obviously me saying “lets go now, I’m STARVING!”


I have my hand out there like YES PLEASE PUT IT ON MY FINGER!




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