Top five podcasts of 2017

As I mentioned in a previous post, Mike and I have been so into podcasts lately! I get so bored listening to the radio all the time, and podcasts have quickly become my go-to while driving in the car. I also love to listen to them while I’m cleaning my house, getting ready for work, and any other time I get the chance! You’ll find my favorite Podcasts are a mix of crime, financial, and nutrition podcasts. These are all the things I’m either super interested in or trying to learn more information about. Today I’m excited to share with y’all my top five podcasts of 2017! 

1. The Dave Ramsey Show – If you read my last post, you know I have so much love for the Dave Ramsey Show! I really admire Dave Ramsey, and I take his financial advice seriously. My husband and I try our best to stick to his plan. This radio show/podcast has given Mike and I so much insight when it comes to finances. I highly recommend this Podcast to anyone, whether you’re a multi-millionaire, or thousands in debt. 

2. Don’t Salt My Game – The host of this podcast, Laura Thomas, is a registered nutritionist who believes in intuitive eating and promotes health at every size. She believes in “non-diet nutrition, and intuitive eating”. Contrary to what society says, you don’t have to be a size 2 to be healthy. In this podcast Laura “cuts through the nutrition BS, and tells people what they really need to know to stay on top of their game.” I have learned so much from Laura, and you’re a nutrition junkie like I am, you’ll love this podcast. (Side note: I don’t eat healthy 100%, I just like to be educated & love learning about nutrition)

3. Dirty John – Y’all. This podcast blew me away. I LOVE any type of crime show/book so, of course, I love crime podcasts. It is a true story told by the host and the victims. At the end, I truly couldn’t believe the victims has the strength to share their story. I’m so glad they did, though, because I’m sure there are millions of women who are currently going through what the main character, Debra, is going through. This podcasts ins’t necessarily scary, it just made me more aware. You HAVE to listen to this one! 

4. MFCO ProjectDisclaimer: Andy is a little vulgar. If you can’t handle heavy language, sit this one out. This Podcast is another financial one, but it’s more for the entrepreneur. The host, Andy, came from absolutely nothing and built his wealth from a supplement company. He now owns a company that brings in over $100 million a year. If you want to lean about how to be the MF’n CEO one day, there is no better person to learn from than Andy Frisella.

5. Locked Up Abroad – I remember watching Locked Up Abroad on the National Geographic Channel (it still airs) and absolutely LOVING them! So naturally, when I found this Podcast I jumped right on it. It’s about people who are caught smuggling drugs out of different countries to bring back into the US. Every person has a different story and I find stories like that so interesting! 

If you made it to the end of this post, props to you! I tried to give a short explanation of each podcast, but they’re all SO good and include so much detail I totally struggle with the whole “short and sweet” thing. I hope y’all enjoyed this post! If you have any podcast suggestions for me, let me know! What are your favs?

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