Week in Review

Yall, it has been one of those weeks. You know what I mean when I say “those weeks.” I don’t know what it is, but I’ve definitely been in a funk here lately. I’m thankful September is finally here and that fall is on the rise. I love fall and with all this heat we’ve had going on this summer, I’m beyond ready for some cooler weather.
I’m hoping with it being a new month I’ll snap out of this daze I’ve been in.

How can that face not make a bad week turn into a good one?? We hope her Dad doesn’t see this because he gets real mad when she gets up on the bed. I love this dog so dang much, and I honestly never thought I could love her as much as I do. I spoil her, probably a little too much, BUT she spoils me too with lots of snuggles, kisses and love. I’m telling you, there’s no love as unconditional than a dogs love. She makes my days a little brighter and my smile a little bigger.

| Since Susie is in her crate while we are at work during the day, I’ve been trying to take her on walks on the greenway as much as possible to get some of her energy out. It’s been good for me too because I find it helps me clear my mind and it’s relaxing. Besides when someone walks by us and I feel like they’re going to attack and kill us. OR when Susie sees a squirrel and she sprints to a tree dragging me with her. I can’t wait until I have another pup to walk along with Susie. I was thinking I would get a stroller for the puppy since it will be little and I’ll walk Susie at the same time. What do y’all think?

| Sunday and Monday I took phase one of the Redken Specialist Program. It was SO MUCH information, I feel like someone cut my head open and poured information upon information into it. It was absolutely exhausting, but amazing at the same time. It’s taken me until the end of the week to process half of what I learned. The class gave me so much inspiration, it truly sparked my love for hair again and made me realize why I do what I do. I can’t wait for phase two of the class.

| I have been lacking motivation when it comes to any house chores lately. I hate doing laundry and I feel like it piles up so fast. I’ve also been slacking in the cooking department. McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A have been my go to when it comes to food. Not the healthiest choices, but whatever. So much for eating healthy.. My excuse for not cooking is we’re moving and I don’t want to have a fridge filled with food the day we move.  Sadly, I don’t have any excuses for not cleaning though. Speaking of moving…

| We move NEXT FRIDAY! How crazy is that?? I’m so excited. I truly think that being in our new house and getting settled in there will make a world of difference when it comes to my mood. I have a mix of emotions about moving, don’t get me wrong, I’m beyond ecstatic about it, but at the same time I’m sad about leaving the home Mike and I have so many memories in. Plus, we haven’t packed anything so I’m a little stressed out about that. Hopefully this weekend we’ll knock majority of the packing out. I’m going to miss sitting on out front porch listening to the neighbor play the banjo with Susie and a glass of wine. We have great neighbors too, I hope we have good ones where we’re moving. My wish for the new owners of our home is that they love it as much as we did. I hope they take care of it and appreciate it. I will definitely miss this cute little house, and it will always be close to my heart.

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